Friday, August 04, 2006

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Julia Blankenburg :

what does it maen for a figure to be symmetric

Jodi Ann Paterson :

When you draw a line down the middle... both sides of that line are mirror images of eachother

Amy Adams :

Mirror image or the same on both sides. For example, if you cut a heart out of a doubled sheet of paper with scissors and opened it up... it would be symmetric.

Laurence Treil :


Eugenia Yuan :

That means that each side of what ever you are talking about is equal.

Isabelle Stoffel :

Each side is the same or similiar if cut in half.

Bigi Fischer :

Since symmetry is defined as "Exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis" then a symmetric figure is one where, if you drew a line straight down the middle, the left side would be a mirror image of the right side.

Yancy Butler :

Think about this: human beings are symmetrical figures.

Lisa Barbuscia :

all sides are the same

Nadia Capone :

Draw an imaginary line from the middle of the head all the way down to the person's soles. If they are symmetrical, both sides of the body's features would be identical in size and shape.

Daniella Evangelista :

it means that if you can cut it or fold it in half and it looks the same on both sides it is symmetric.

Wendy Fowler :

divide the figure into half and each side is equal to the other, like your face - divide right down the nose ...each side has an eye, an ear, half of a nose and mouth.

Johanna Nemeth :

Asymetrical would be if the halves were not equal. Like if your hair style was longer on one side and you did the division like I described earlier

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

A graph is symmetric to the y axis if (x,y) and (-x,y) are both points on the graph. If you were to fold it in half the long way (along the y axis), both halves of the graph would lie on top of eachother, and you would only see 1/2 of it.

Bik Wing Chung :

It is symmetric to the x axis if (x,y) and (x,-y) are both points. If you folded it the short way (along the x axis) you'd only see 1/2 the graph.

Lee Ji-hyun :

A graph can also be symmetric to the origin. This is when (x,y) and (-x,-y) are both on the graph. A good example of this, if you have a graphing calculator is f(x) = x^3. If you fold this in half one way or the other it is not symmetrical. You'd have to fold it the long AND the short way to make it line up with itself.

Aislin McGuckin :

Another definition of a symmetric figure: "A pattern is symmetric if there is at least one symmetry (rotation, translation, reflection, glide reflection) that leaves the pattern unchanged." (ref.). (Here, "symmetry" is used, apparently, in the sense of a process that tests for symmetry.)

Stacia Zhivago :

The referenced web page lists 4 plane "symmetries": rotation, translation (simple movement without rotation), reflection and "glide reflection", the latter a combination of reflection and translation. To me it seems strange to refer to translation symmetry; by its definition an infinite repetition of any figure has this symmetry.

Twila Wolfe :

The letters of the alphabet, capitalized and in block lettering, provide examples. In the list below "A" means asymmetrical, "H" means reflection-symmetric about a horizontal line, "V" about a vertical line, and "R" rotation-symmetric:

Nadine Reimers :


Melina Petriela :

H only: BCDEK

Yue Tanigawa :


Sukie Smith :

R only: NSZ

Hilary Tindall :


Marla Sucharetza :

Another example of R symmetry is the typical crossword puzzle; the distribution of white and black squares is the same after a 180 degree rotation.

Michele Mercier :

In addition to plane (2-D) symmetries there are 3-D symmetries. Now the line that is the reference for 2-D reflection becomes a plane. Slice an airplane down the middle, using a vertical cut, and you expose its plane of symmetry (no pun intended). Of course a single-engine plane can't be perfectly symmetrical; its engine turns in one direction so its prop or turbine is pitched asymmetrically. Multi-engine planes may use counterrotation to null the disturbance torque this causes. By the same logic a screw thread is asymmetrical. Stereoscopic vision and a mirror provide a test for 3-D symmetry.

Renate Blume :

It is useful to distinguish between the line or plane of reflection used in such a test (which would be away from the object being tested) and the object's own internal line or plane of symmetry. The two lines or planes are parallel but displaced.

Laila Robins :

Symmetry often provides engineers a means of reducing the amount of analysis needed to characterize a process such as fluid flow or combustion that involves a symmetrical body or chamber. If an assumption that the flow is also symmetrical can be justified, only half of the system needs to be modeled.

Vcd Player Download

Cachou :

do you feel that peer to peer downloading of music (illegal downloading) is wrong

Mews Small :


Anne Jousset :

nope, they got enough freakin' money already, screw em.

Emmanuelle Escourrou :

No because how else am I supposed to make the most awesome mix CD ever?

Kennia De Seinne :

Even to people who occasinaly download a song I think it is wrong. Instead of getting a candybar at the store you could buy a song at iTunes for 99 cents. No credit card? They offer methods such as prepaid cards, and college discount programs. It's stealing peroid. For one drama class we had to make a CD of music that would be in a play. For mine I had two copyright songs on it and now regret the illegal sharing of it.

Angel Cassidy :

Of course the music comapnies are at fault to. They charge way to much money for music/movies. They shut down P2P services that also distrubute legal media. And to protect there own work they install software - with out your knowledge - that damages your computer. Both pirater and music comapny should take a step back and reanlize the situation.

Shiri Appleby :

It depends. When you're downloading one or two songs from an artist, because you really only like those one or two songs, then it's alright. But if you're downloading the entire CD just because you're lazy or don't have the money for it at the time, that's just stupid. Most people have friends who either have the CD, or know someone who does, and it's not hard to get a burned copy off of them - and then, the police won't be knocking on your door all night!

Linda Dona :

Hell no, do you have ANY idea how rich those artists are? they have a few pennies to share here and there I'm sure

Yolanda Signorelli :

Is stealing wrong? Yes. How many bands out there ever really make the big money? Not many. So when you are stealing music, typically you are stealing from some average Joe who is trying to make a living as an artist. Just because you can't see the person you are stealing from doesn't make it right.

Caroline Munro :

I have so been waiting for this question.

Rosalba Neri :

The music companies developed CD?s with "planned obsolescence" (they?re designed to break and scratch). Didn?t we learn anything from vinyl records? I bought one of the first CD players for my computer 20 years ago and it came with cartridges that the CD went into. Sort of like a 3.5? floppy except the cartridge opened up and you could put different CD?s in it. It looked like a slim line CD case except it had a spring-loaded door on one end like a floppy. Why don?t we have those today? Because you wouldn?t have to buy another one when it scratched.

Loredana Bontempi :

Do you know how much it costs to burn a new CD for the music companies? I?ll bet it?s under a dollar. Where does the rest of the $15.99 go?

Tanya Reid :

It burns me that they target some poor college kid to prosecute and splatter it all over news. The kid probably doesn?t even have a job but they?ve decided to make an example of him for the publicity.

Ivana Bozilovic :

Digital file sharing is an evolution in technology that the record companies never saw coming and we?d still be in the dark ages being force fed their crappy CD?s if it wasn?t for the innovators at Napster.

Delaina Mitchell :

Go cry me a river.

Rona De Ricci :

"Go cry me a river."

Patsy Kensit :

Justin Timberlake (if I am not mistaken)?

Karen Austin :

Did you buy the CD or did you object to it not being encased with a , "spring-loaded door on one end like a floppy"?

Maya Maron :

JUST yoshing with ya dude! :D

Lori Brown :

More seriously now... pay attention:

Sharon Kane :

Some record executives have proudly boasted that they are in the record selling busines NOT the music business. This makes it very clear how little respect they have for the content of their produce.

Jenny Strovas :

I await the day when we will all realise that record distributors are unecessary - stop being fooled by hype & flesh & just connect with song makers directly. All the technology is in place.

Alejandra Marin :

I think we should not be restricted in how we get at works after all we are giving our time to sample the work artists & creators should be honoured that we give them our time in this way. We should remember to be equally thankful that there is this plethora of good works to choose from & that if these people do not earn a living then the music we like stops.

Hedy Burress :

I think you should pay to ensure that the artist is able to continue with the kind of work you wish him to make. Cut out the A&R, PR & publishers & give all the emphasis back to the artists. It is they that need the money to live off to continue to make the music you love.

Lara Belmont :

At present both P2P for free & record labels make a mockery of the funding of talent.

Hope Davis :

So downloading without financially acknowledging the artist is certainly wrong. Not going via a publisher or other pay to download service however is right.

Catherine Wilkening :

Give your money direct to the artist. Most of the cost of the CD goes to fund people who have nothing to do with what you want to get - THE MUSIC!

Serria Tawan :

F*** the rest of them they have little to nothing to do with what you want.

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April Shepherd :

green day or good charlotte

Alexandra Wentworth :

both! THEY ROCK!

Nina Weniger :


Nina Ferrari :

Both! But overall I'd say GREEN DAY!

Michelle Goldsmith :

Green Day

Verna Bloom :

to good Charlotte,"now be a good charlotte and go away"

Jessica Drake :

green day! :)

Jill Hennessy :

Good Charlotte. They are a lot less angry at the world.

Francesca Neri :

green day defo.they are mint! and hot haha

Patricia Fulton :

Green Day's the ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Chappell :

Good Charlotte, not too into the punk scene but I like Good Charlotte, they focus more on the Dysfunctional family and all Green Day worries about is Politics.

Dinah Manoff :

green day

Katie Wolf :

OK I won't bother, if i absolutely had to choose i would say green day international superhits and earlier. American idiot ruined them

Leslie Leah :

Green Day all the way

Jacqueline Pearce :


Snowy Sinclair :

green day. billy joe is an awesome songwriter.

Maria Richwine :

They both rock, but def Green Day.

Cynthia Lamontagne :

green day defenitly

Angela Down :

hey they are both great! Green Day and Good Charlotte i love them both you can't make me choose that's hard!

Ximena Ayala :

Good Charlotte are good, Green Day are awesome!

Lisbet Lundquist :

green day

Jane Paterson :

GREEN DAY all the way

Nicolette Scorsese :

good charlotte are very gothy (if that is even a word) and not my cup of bleech

Christine Boisson :

They both rock, but I prefer Green Day.

Dawnya Welsh :

good charlotte

Moe Ishikawa :

green day all the way!

Amanda De Cadenet :

Green Day ...Good Charlotte is a seeeriously lame band

Fulham Football Club

Nora Tschirner :

what concerts have you been to which ones did you like the best

Lisa Grossmann :

I've been to see The Eagles, Curtis Stigers and Barry Manilow.....

Ya Parulava :

They were all superb...

Bibi Andersen :

i've been to many concerts, but the matisyahu concert in chicago last saturday was the best by far!

Norma Duval :

I've seen Motley Crue, Poison twice, Whitesnake, Metallica!!!, Suicidal Tendencies, the guys that sing "Mother," its totally slipped my mind! DUH.

Serena Scott Thomas :

I think the best was the very first ones, Crue.. cause I'd never been to a concert before, and they rocked!!!!

Carol Zurlango :

Aerosmith,Foghat,Rush,Scorpions,Heart, Judas Priest,Sammy Hagar,Genesis,Molly Hatchet, Cheap Trick,Kenny Chesney,Sara Evans,Tim McGraw,Montgomery Gentry,Rascal Flatts, Chris Cagle,Bruce Springsteen,Phil Vasser,The Pretenders,Crowded House,Material Issue,Hanson,New Kids on the block,Pat Traverse,Fleetwood Mac,Ben Folds, Styx,The Boyzz, Angel,Carolyn Dawn johnson, Big and Rich, Brooks and Dunn,Theres plenty more I cant think of off hand ,I have a ticket for Zepplin in chicago but they canceled.They were al;l pretty good but Genesis was one of the best shows ive seen.Also Springsteen ,I didnt even like him,me and a buddy went just for something to do and his show was awesome.

Rachel Leskovac :

Shawn Cassidy, Rick Springfield, Van Halen, Motley Crue (3 or 4 times), Guns 'N Roses (twice), Aerosmith (4 or 5 times), Kiss, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Poison, ZZ Top, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Ratt, The Bangles, The Cutting Crew, Whitesnake, Cinderella, U2, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, N'Sync, Tim McGraw and I have tickets to go see Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill in 2 months. I'm sure there are others that I have forgotten.. but gosh, the 80's and hair bands were soooo long ago!

Gillian Ferrabee :

Best one I've ever been too...... hmmmmmm .. That's a hard one. I guess I would have to say Motley Crue... just because they were always my favorite band when I was a teen. And not to sound geeky or anything (heaven forbid), but I took my kids to see N'Sync several years ago and that was a really good show... they put on one hell of a performance.

Marie-Josee Croze :

Tull, Boston, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Frampton, ELO, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Cheap Trick, YES, Elton John, and a bunch more from the 70's I cant remember,lol. Ive seen U2 3 times and cant wait to see them again, Bono rocks....Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was amazing too. Queen was outstanding also.

Christian Gospel Music

Theresa Berlage :

What are the lyrics to the song Bongo Bong lol

Mika Tard :

Manu Chao--- Bongo Bong

Daisy McCrackin :

Mama was queen of the mambo

Anna Palk :

Papa was king of the Congo

Carla Camurati :

Deep down in the jungle

Ann Adams :

I started bangin' my first bongo

Anja Franke :

Every monkey'd like to be

Bibi Andersen :

In my place instead of me

Janina Gavankar :

Cause I'm the king of bongo, baby

Mitsou Gelinas :

I'm the king of bongo bong

Natascha Hockwin :

I went to the big town

Angie Milliken :

Where there is a lot of sound

Amelia Curtis :

From the jungle to the city

Miriam Hopkins :

Looking for a bigger crown

Irene Contogiorgis :

So I play my boogie

Vida Taylor :

For the people of big city

Toni Kalem :

But they don't go crazy

Sandrine Thoquet :

When I'm bangin' in my boogie

Dee Dee Levitt :

I'm the "king of the bongo, king of the bongo bong"

Shannon Sharpe :

Hear me when I come

Lisa Arturo :

King of the bongo, king of the bongo bong

Lisa Dergan :

They say that I'm a clown

Corinne Dacla :

Making too much dirty sound

Jenny Tamburi :

They say there is no place for little monkey in this town

Roxanna Michaels :

Nobody'd like to be in my place instead of me

Rose McGowan :

Cause nobody go crazy when I'm bangin' on my boogie

Paula Marshall :

I'm the king of the bongo, king of the bongo bong

Jacqueline Lorians :

Hear me when I come "

Bik Wing Chung :

King of the bongo, king of the bongo bong"

Marcela Borghes :

Bangin' on my bongo all that swing belongs to me

Maria Probosz :

I'm so happy there's nobody in my place instead of me

Sandra Ceccarelli :

I'm a king without a crown hanging loose in a big town

Alexandra Wentworth :

But I'm the king of bongo baby I'm the king of bongo bong

Magguy :

King of the bongo, king of the bongo bong

Pui Fan Lee :

Hear me when I come, baby, king of the bongo, king of the bongo bong...

New Line Cinema

Laurina Hanson :

Classic Rock

Marisa Dugas :

off the beaten path...She's a Dancer, by Crack The Sky.

Juliette Jeffers :

Anything by the Kinks is AWESOME! I just recently got into them. My dad turned me on to them, actually. He likes the White Stripes too and he told me that if I liked the WS then I'd like the Kinks. And I do! :)

Lavinia Wilson :

Bachman Turner Overdrive with You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet.

Diana Glenn :

Rolling Stones* Lynard Skynard* Bad Company* Led Zepplin*Pink Floyd*

Famke Janssen :

satisfaction by the stones

Labina Mitevska :

light my fire by the doors

Pamela Gilbert :

TNT by ac/dc

Sarah Polley :

poison by Alice cooper

Mary Jane Bostic :

schools out by Alice cooper

Linda Scruggs :

blinded by the light

Sondra Currie :

500 miles by the proclaimers

Hirano Yumi :

nothings gonna tear us apart by inxs

Jan Anderson :

round and round by ratt

Samantha Ivers :

slip of the lip by ratt

Lezley Zen :

dagger by inxs

Marina Malfatti :

pour some sugar on me by def leopard

Mary Tamm :

make love like a man by def leopard

Penny Brahms :

her are a few i like hope they help!

Bo Zena :

Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann(I think)

Victoria Rowell :

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Sandra Pepa Denton :

Do You Feel Like We Do by Peter Frampton

Marie Matheron :

Freebird by Lynnard Skynnard

Roberta Vasquez :

Hold on Loosely by 38 Special

Kristin Kreuk :

Wow, classic rock. Depends on what era you are looking for.

Virginia Mataix :

Some 70s great hits are-Stairway to Heaven-by Led Zepplin; Freebird-Lynard Skynnard; Journey-Don't Stop Believing; The Wall-Pink Floyd; We Will ROck you (and others)-Queen; I had a bunch more too but the stupid thing erased them all....but some other groups are, Toto, Foreigner,REO Speedwagon, Rush, Ozzy Ozbourne, Metallica (they're more metal than rock); Whitesnake, Great White (they're middle 80s). and don't forget the classic Beatles hits!:)

Denise Perrier :

All Grateful Dead

Ann Marie :

All Beatles from 1966-1970

Shelly Laurenti :

All Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Deborah Goodrich :

All Credence Clearwater

Ai Mei Wong :

and... Black Betty by Ram Jam

Savannah Haske :

Few fav Classic Rock Songs: (in the 70s)

Julie Austin :

1.) One of These Nights, Hotel California - Eagles

Clarissa Mercado :

2.) Day after Day, No Matter What etc. - Badfinger

Daphne Duplaix :

3.) Rhiannon, (and songs off Rumour album)- Fleetwood Mac

Nia Long :

4.) Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, much more - Led Zeppelin

Karen Black :

5.) Free Bird, Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Irma Lozano :

5.) London Calling --- The Clash

Lavinia Wilson :

there are so many. try the dead, they have a lot of good music, but they are much better live than on their albums. try the american beauty and workingman's dead albums. everything by the dead is good though, but those albums are a start.

Corinne Dacla :

also try:

Susan Byun :

shooting star- bad company

Lauren German :

tales of brave ulysses- cream

Karimah Westbrook :

manic depression- hendrix

Hilde Van Mieghem :

the wind cries mary- hendrix

Whitney Dylan :

the bomber- james gang

Sheila Young :

tie your mother down- queen

Valerie van Nitsen :

maybe i'm amazed- paul mccartney

April Adams :

in the light- led zeppelin

Gloria Reuben :

custard pie- led zeppelin

Linda Gildersleeve :

the ocean- led zeppelin

Shawn Weatherly :

over the hills and far away- led zeppelin

Emma-Jane Mezher :

tangerine- led zeppelin

Lynn Wolf :

apostrophe- frank zappa

Katherine Kendall :

spoonful- cream

Cornelia Groschel :

blue sky- allman bros

Kim Director :

southbound- allman bros

Deborah Carpio :

simple man- lynyrd skynyrd

Gabrielle Carmouche :

the ballad of curtis loew- lynyrd skynyrd

Michelle Behennah :

workin for mca- lynyrd skynyrd

Jessica Stockmann :

hey joe- hendrix

Julie Michaels :

if 6 was 9- hendrix

Elisa Matilla :

voodoo chile- hendrix

Bonnie Bedelia :

pearl, the whole album- janis joplin

Christina Lindberg :

la woman- doors

Jennifer Podemski :

when the music's over- doors

Nicola Tiggeler :

roadhouse blues- doors

Mayte Garcia :

the core- eric clapton

Eva Loebau :

motherless children- eric clapton

DJ Anderson :

bell bottom blues- derek and the dominos

Lucy Punch :

little wing- derek and the dominos, and hendrix

Julie Strain :

on the road again- canned heat

Becky LeBeau :

helpless- crosby, stills, nash, & young

Elina Bellbrook :

helplessy hoping- csny

Leigh Harris :

teach your children- csny, with jerry garcia on steel guitar

Eleonora Brigliadori :

carry on/questions- csny

Alice Davis :

sugar mountain- neil young

Julie Condliff :

down by the river- neil young

Maggy Maxwell :

harvest, the whole album- neil young

Daniella Farinacci :

ohio- csny

Mary Kapper :

that's all i can think of off the top of my head, but it's a good start.

Cathy Verney :

Sweet Home Alabama, Freebird...Lynyrd Skynyrd

Jennifer Bransford :

Anything by The Cars! Let The Good Times Roll.............

Nicole Scherzinger :

"Baba O'Riley" by The Who

Ai Mei Wong :

Yes Go to WTUE.Com's website and hook into their live stream. Once connected you will get links to other classic rock stations. Some really good stuff and you can hear a wide variety of music for free.

Equipment For Sale

Paula Mitchell :


Jeanie Moore :

If your friend did not get a copyright on the music when it was firt written there is not much you can do. Sorry

Andrea Albani :

That sounds like a tough one. If I'm not mistaken, Vanilla Ice was sued for using the bassline from Under Pressure. I don't know what to tell you because if your friend's "music" is the same as the guy's suing, and his album came out first, then his case COULD stand in a court of law. I guess you could run a search on Yahoo or Google under "Copyright " then type in the name of the song or artist you want to find. I don't think it'll work but I's worth a shot.

Andrea Rau :

Charlene Francique :

This might provide a little bit of information on the topic. But it sounds like the internet isn't going to help your friend deal with a copyright lawsuit. I would contact a copyright lawyer (ASAP!) and explain the situation. good luck.

Joanne Choo :

A quick update: Yes, copyrights are techinically 'secured' when the work is created, but that doesn't mean that she is in the clear.. especially if she has not registered the copyright. Again, she really needs to talk to a lawyer.

Sadie Leblanc :

You don't apply for copyright - it exists from the moment a work is created, and in the eyes of the law when music is concerned this means when it is first recorded. So it all depends on who has the first recorded version of the song in evidence, be it a demo tape or the finished article. So to answer your question there's no site that lists when copyright is issued, and it would be a matter for your lawyers and the courts to establish exactly when it was created in each of these two instances. Here's a couple of links that will help explain more

Musical Greeting Card

Marilyn Ghigliotti :

Why does lil jon wear glasses in all his videos

Flower Edwards :

b/c he's cross eyed.

Sheila Redgate :

So we can't see that he is 'high' on something!!

Keyla Wood :

because he has really sensitive eyes

Lavinia Wilson :

They don't make full face glasses dude look like a ugly lady

Tia Texada :

because he's

Constanze Probster :

dunno but he looks good

Malinda Williams :

I dunno, maybe because he has some crazy looking eyes; or he has come to the realization that he has the perfect face for Big, Dark, weird looking Sunglasses.

Jule Bowe :

because he's not the most attractive guy out there ?

Christine Boisson :


Susan Backlinie :

With all the money he has,he can wear anything he wants.Besides as long as he keeps making music and videos that have a cool ass beats,who really cares that he stays drunk & high, and that he wears those glasses to cover blood shot eyes and protect them from the light.Who really cares?lol

Claire Rolland :

because hes all the time high with the weed that i give um

Sharon Ullrick :

those are his real eye! he is just that drunk lol

Barbara Windsor :

lazy eye

Julie Strain :

Obviously you've never seen him without them! He looks like that crazy Jamaican Muppet.

Antonella Ponziani :

thats like asking y does usher wear his chain in all his videos.

No Doubt Mp3

Alice Poon :

what if your usb port for you mp3 player is not reading it when you stick it in what do you do

Marion Michael :

try another usb port

Patricia Llaca :

Had the same problem. Some computers aren't adaptable to some mp3 players. Try a different computer or look to see if you can download the necessary software

Susan Derakhchani :

download drivers from the company's website, try unplug and then plug it back in, make sure it's on after you plug it in.

Pamela Salem :

Keep sticking it in and out until the computer erupts into a frenzy of electronic signals.

Sandra Hess :

Stick it out, load the software for your mp3 player, do a restart, then stick it back in. It should work. Oh, yeah, stick in some batteries into your mp3 player before you try to connect it (stick it in) to the computer. Cheers!

Emmanuelle Beart :

get a new one?

Daniela Sauleac :

First of all, make sure you've installed it properly - run the cd that came with it. If you've done that, try this - right click on my computer, go to Manage, click on disk management, then find your mp3 player, right click on it, change drive letter and path and change it to a letter which is not in use on your computer. Like z or something like that. This is assuming you have windows xp.

Cecile Pallas :

get a new one

Lynn Borden :

try a different computer if it doesn't work there its yuor mp3 player or the cablethat is the problem.

Veronica Miriel :

go to control panel, then system, then click on the hardware tab, then click device manager. scroll through the devices and look for your mp3 player with an ! or a ? next to it and then right click and enable it. the same thing happened to me, and this worked for me, but I don't know exactly how you installed it in the first place. hope this helps!

New York City Government

Josie Bissett :

In your opinion, what is the greatest love song ever written

Catya Sassoon :

love you to death by type o negative.

Jessica Tandy :

Marianne,by The Human League.

Carolyn Marz :

I really like a few songs:

Joyce Mandel :

Sexual Healing and Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye

Eileen Davidson :

Beautiful in My Eyes by Joshua Kadison

Alexandra Pic :

Last Worthless Evening, For My Wedding, Taking You Home all by Don Henley

Jennifer Tilly :

Raining on Monday by Keith Urban

Cyndi Pass :

She is So Beautiful, How Long Will I Love You, A Man is In Love, all by the Waterboys

Lauren German :

You are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker (the cheesiest song I can stomach)

Patsy Kensit :

Your Nature by Hothouse Flowers

Amy Irving :

You're in My Heart by Rod Stewart

Andrea Menard :

You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor

Stephany Schwartz :

I think it has to be Always by Bon Jovi or Bed of roses

Siwan Morris :

"the girls dont like the job" by Kool Keith

Fabiola Barrios :

Irish by goo goo dolls

Eva Derrek :

Can you feel the love tonight- Elton John

Emmanuelle Beart :

You sang to me- Marc Anthony

Natalie Bassingthwaighte :

Hello-lionel ritchie

Ai Mei Wong :

Don't, Can't Help Falling In Love, Loving You all by Elvis

Leslie Leah :

Something by The Beatles

Keyla Wood :

To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan

Chelsey Hampshire :

your song by elton john

Virginie Ledoyen :

but it is loads better when ewan mcgregor sings it

Kathy Williams :

right now, i am listening to LADY. so LADY be it

Debbie Reynolds :

Handyman, James Taylor

Wanda Arab :

Grow Old With Me, John Lennon

Julie Dray :

I Melt, Rascall Flats

Keiko Matsuzaka :

Don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith. It always gives me the chills...

Potty Training Doll

Alexandra Woodward :

people who had to die young Can you imagine Jim Morrison singing in Las vegas at age 62 Like her madly

Patricia Rivera :


LaToya Jackson :

Believe me, if Jim Morrison was alive today he would not be singing in Vegas unless he truly wanted to, the man was a genius, he would still be kicking out the hits, baby.

Kathryn Witt :

Mr. Enzyme, I have to tell you.....for some reason this is one of your finest among a repertoire of excellent reading.

Judith Krant :

Anyway that is part of my answer, not chatting by any means for Almighty forbid that is not allowed. The mental image

Greta Dolan :

of Jim Morrison performing in Vegas is a strange but yet interesting idea. Would he share a stage with Wayne Newton,

Monika Steffens :

Englebert Humperdink (too lazy now to check the sp), or Tom Jones? Interesting question my friend.

Daniela Nane :


Laura Harris :

Well I'll tell you a story of whiskey and mystics and men

Moe Ishikawa :

And about the believers, and how the whole thing began

Yse Marguerite Tran :

First there were women and children obeying the moon

Jenny McCrindle :

Then daylight brought wisdom and fever and sickness too soon

Anne Guinou :

You can try to remind me instead of the other you can

Michelle McClatchy :

You can help to insure that we all insecure our command

Clara Rainbow :

If you don't give a listen I won't try to tell your new hand

Julie Christie :

This is it can't you see that we all have our end in the band

Suzanne Mari :

And if all of the teachers and preachers of wealth were arraigned

Mona Kristensen :

We could see quite a future for me in the literal sands

Cammy Choi :

And if all of the people could claim to inspect such regret

Shanna Moakler :

Well we'd have no forgiveness forgetfulness faithful remorse

JoAnna Cameron :

So I tell you I tell you I tell you we must send away

Pui Fan Lee :

We must try to find a new answer instead of a way

Virginia State Map

Susan May Pratt :

Guess what band I am listening to right now for 10 points

Melissa Carlton :

pink floyd

Yasmina Filali :

You should start out with a clue....

Christina World :

System of a down

Alejandra Marin :

Green Day

Keyla Wood :

twang the elastic band

Paula Vazquez :


Melinda Armstrong :


Heike Makatsch :


Nicole Arnold :


Isabelle Willer :


Louise Robey :

Fall Out Boy

Marlene Jobert :

GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn Gamboa :


Helen Coker :


Gennie Nevinson :

a band that u usually listen to.

Rosemary Dexter :

Dixie Chicks

Helene de Fougerolles :

Fat Albert and the Junk Yard band.

Charlotte Lewis :

panic! at the disco

Elsa Montes :


Sabine Karsenti :

the Beatles

Joanne Boland :

muse? delirium?

Lynda Boyd :

bob marley

Masami Sanada :


Shelby Fenner :


Susie Hall :


Isabel Lopez :

Panic! at the disco???

Eva Derrek :

Six Day Suicide?

Edwige Fenech :

Fall Out Boy

Lorie Griffin :

It has been over 5 minutes now where is my clue?

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

some whack ass white band,who cares,not me'

Patricia Charbonneau :

the Guess Who

Darlene Vogel :

Wouldn't the band change every five min..or do you plan to listen to them till someone get's it should have started off with a clue.

Thaimi Alvarino :

White Stripes?? come on.. tell us!

Angela Penny :


Yan Nam :

rolling stones

Virginia Mataix :

Hootie and the Blowfish

Elizabeth MacRae :

jackson 5 lol

Moe Ishikawa :


Linda Cordova :


Annelie Alexandersson :

Second guess... Deacon Blue?

Kathrine Baumann :

The Coldstream Guards?

Ai Mei Wong :

James Blunt

Emma de Caunes :

knowing you it will be boy georges band, or some other faggot band !!!!

Laura Benson :'re NOT listening to music! I Win!!! 10pts. please

Lisa Grant :

Collective Soul

Bonita Thomas :


Samantha Janus :

the monkees

Maureen Larrazabal :

Coheed and Cambria? Cake?

Josy Bernard :

The Who???

Emma Lung :

Id give the 10 points to the girl who said Bob Marley lol

Sharqui Sanders :

Black Sabbath?

Rossy de Palma :

red hot chili peppers?

Brigitte Lahaie :

White Stripes?

Louise Franklin :

White Zombie?

Sylwia Juszczak :

Black Flag?

Lou Doillon :


Meg Wynn Owen :


Yvonne Dany :

Elwood Blues?

Ann Catrin Sudhoff :

Choose me at least I got the letters right!

Amanda Seyfried :

The Blue Man Group

Lisa Lyon :

Green Day

Suzanna Love :

Clint Black? Barry White?

Iris Bohm :

Eddie Brown?

Trisha Todd :

Al Green

Alice Arno :

Evans Blue

Dagmar Lassander :

I answered Evans Blue! I PROMISE I answered before you posted the answer!!! Could I get the points since I was the only one to answer correctly? Please?

Female Head Shaving

Stacey Dash :

I don't understand why Argentina player Rodriquez was given yellow card

Christine Boisson :

i do not know

Lynda Carter :

but he seems to be

Eleonore Weisgerber :

nah he deserved that

Stephanie Miller :

No, it's not like that. It's part of the game. I like Argentina. I love the way they play. But I also know, Argentina is the king of taking dives in matches. Did you see any yeterday? I saw a few. It's part of the game.

Helena Bergstrom :

Because the german ....................referees are......selled

Tawnya Richardson :

I do not think that the referee was fearing the fans... he tought he had "dived" to get a penalty shot.

Amy Adams :

But as it showed later on, that was an actual foul on the goal area that should have been a penalty...

Lucia Gailova :

do not forget that the stupid referee is the one that gave a "free penalty kick" to Italy in the previous match against Ghana, making them win... instead of being punished, he is put again to referee maybe the most important game in the tournament so far...

Johanna Quintero :

AND the germans dare to say it was not unfair refereeing!!!

Wiebke Inn :

I hope they loose soon.

Daniela Pestova :

To the ref's eyes, Its seems to be he's faking the fall but when you see from a different angle, He didn't faking it. I think the ref is Bias. Why dont Fifa take ref from Asia or Africa instead??? Arghhhhh!!!!!

Carice van Houten :

well i say that the referee was paid to make germany win because all his decisions were wrong. he just would not give germany any fouls. there were so many fouls which were not fouls and given to argentina. so i think the referees have done a terrible job in this world cup

Kate Loustau :

Yeah, that was ridiculous, it should have been a penalty for Argentina....but, the ref was totally sold. Argentina was the better team and GERMANY ARE CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contrat De Qualification

Sylvia Baker :

Can you live without music!

Tina Barrett :


Olga Karlatos :

Me neither--without it I'd be out of a job...

Leanne McCulloch :

techniquely, yes. but would i want to? no. would i be miserable and turn into a recluse? yes

Linda Hardy :

NO WAY i love music

Elizabeth Sneider :

i like music but i guess if it came down to it i could live without it.

Tatjana Clasing :

no. image how boring tv shows would be.

Hilde Dalik :

nah uH! i have to have something entering my ears! it's so dead and like UGH when there is no music.... Music definatelly makes a place worth being in... (it depends what kind)

Jane Stowe :

No! Music is essential to the human spirit!

Dominique Barnes :

i dont believe so

Suzie MacKenzie :

Well no i couldn't, because that's what i'm going to do for a living.

Claudia Mehnert :

I would be able to live but my life would be dull and of course without music

Myndy Crist :

Definitely not! Just by thinking about it I feel like I am dying. If music should ever be taken out of this world, I am going with it, trust me!!!! I LOOOOVVVE Muzic.

Morganna :

i'd die without music. i can't imagine life without green day!!!!!

Belle Avery :

R u kidding?!?!?! I could'nt function without it!!!

Wioletta Michalczuk :

can you live without sound?

Pop Mail Server

Val Penny :

okay,in the brad paisley song "ain't nothin like",in the chours he says,

Linda Carol :

Chorus 1

Camille Roxas :

Ain't nothin' like watchin' a bunch of young'ns

Anette Hellwig :

Run screamin' through the sprinkler in their little bare feet

Amy Adams :

And ain't nothin' like finding twenty dollars

Kate Mundt :

In the pocket of the britches that you wore last week

Nina Hoger :

2nd Chorus

Karen Stone :

Ain't nothin' like throwing a hula popper

Danitza Kingsley :

Draggin' it across a spot a big 'un oughta be

Emmanuelle Beart :

And ain't nothin' like having him for supper

Petronella :

With some good hush puppies and some sweet iced tea

Kim Lewid :

3rd Chorus

Bojana Golenac :

Ain't nothin' like finding that woman

Paras Alexandria :

That you know you're gonna love for the rest of your life

Katherine Barrese :

And ain't nothin' like knowing the Lord's a comin'

Gloria Maley :

Back one day to make you want to do it right

Monika Baumgartner :


Sakura Shiratori :

"Ain't Nothin' Like"

Suzanne von Borsody :

I like kickin' back on the sofa

Sarah Deakins :

Flippin' through the channels just to see what's on

Youki Kudoh :

I enjoy eatin' eggs over easy

Karen Lancaume :

Soppin' up with a biscuit 'til the yellow's gone

Ilah Davis :


Candace McKenzie :

Ain't nothin' like watchin' a bunch of young'ns

Marie Angel :

Run screamin' through the sprinkler in their little bare feet

Sunny Johnson :

And ain't nothin' like finding twenty dollars

Joanna Cassidy :

In the pocket of the britches that you wore last week

Amanda Cleveland :

I get into getting out on my mower

Stefanie Friedland :

In the early mornin' hours 'fore the sun gets hot

Cathy Rosier :

And I like goin' down to the Kroger

Paola Montenero :

When the carnival comes to the parkin' lot

June Ritchie :

[2nd Chorus]

Janine Turner :

Ain't nothin' like throwing a hula popper

Micheline Martineau :

Draggin' it across a spot a big 'un oughta be

Marion Game :

And ain't nothin' like having him for supper

Jill Halfpenny :

With some good hush puppies and some sweet iced tea

Sandy Evans :


Tiffany Bolton :

This old world is full of simple pleasures

Alice Davis :

They're all good but some are better

Julie Jezequel :

[3rd Chorus]

Dani :

Ain't nothin' like finding that woman

Alison Lohman :

That you know you're gonna love for the rest of your life

Susan Stewart :

And ain't nothin' like knowing the Lord's a comin'

Cyndi Pass :

Back one day to make you want to do right

Julie Strain :

[Repeat 1st chorus]

Amanda Prentice :

[Repeat 2nd chorus]

Mara Modair :

Hula popper is a fishing bait. He is trying to catch a big fish to fix for dinner

Bible Online Free

Sarah Buxton :

can anyone tell me where i can find the lyrics to the song two hearts one love by kimaya & monte' seward

Mercedes Sampietro :

did u try to google it? well thats the most obvious site! or

Giovanna Mezzogiorno :

Joyce Jillson :


Carole Kirkham :

Emmanuelle Beart :

Scroll down til you see the song and then click on see lyrics.

Jaclyn Mendoza :


Robyn Hilton :

They say that love is blind

Vicki Michelle :

You must have read my mind

Anna Blomeier :

`Cause you`re the only who`s ever seen

Angelica Torn :

The part of me I`ve only dreamed

Elise Perrier :

Together feels so right

Audrey Landers :

The two of us are so alike

Colette Emmanuelle :

This must be destiny

Keyla Wood :

You and I are meant to be

Valentine Vidal :

Two hearts, one love

Alison Bruce :

A love that`s deeper than the night

Lavinia Wilson :

A love forever burning bright

Hui-Dan Hui :

Two hearts, one dream

Diane Winter :

A dream that`s coming true for us

Manuia Taie :

`Cause baby here we are

Ana Maria Popa :

Now you`re part of me

Cynthia Lamontagne :

We`re in one love with these two hearts

Bim Warne :

Though you`ve been loved before

Kristy McNichol :

I promise even more

Jessica Sobel :

And as the years go by

Freya Stafford :

We`ll find the way

Tessa Peake-Jones :

To reach forever day by day

Asia Vieira :

I didn`t know til now

Corinne Dacla :

You`re the one thing I can`t do without

Anmar Strand :

In your arms the whole night through

Mieko Kaji :

I can`t help lose myself in you

Rachel Ryan :

Repeat chorus

Katharina Beissel :

I know that heaven was listening

JC Parker :

`Cause I was only existing

Hetty Baynes :

Til I saw forever in your eyes

Trina Parks :

And now we`ll be for all our lives

Missy Peregrym :

Repeat chorus

Bik Wing Chung :


Lorraine De Selle :

They say that love is blind

Jennifer Decker :

You must have read my mind

Veronica Gamba :

`Cause you`re the only who`s ever seen

Muriel Brenner :

The part of me I`ve only dreamed

Katja Studt :

Together feels so right

Ann Atmar :

The two of us are so alike

Cristina Silva :

This must be destiny

Claire Benito :

You and I are meant to be

Katrin Lippisch :

Two hearts, one love

Nicole Jamet :

A love that`s deeper than the night

Bonnie Mak :

A love forever burning bright

Rei Amami :

Two hearts, one dream

Tanya Celaya :

A dream that`s coming true for us

Frederique :

`Cause baby here we are

Yvette Le Grand :

Now you`re part of me

Miriam von Versen :

We`re in one love with these two hearts

Bik Wing Chung :

Though you`ve been loved before

Daniela Heidner-Krueger :

I promise even more

Cecile Tonizzo :

And as the years go by

Nicole de Boer :

We`ll find the way

Lala Sloatman :

To reach forever day by day

Traci Lind :

I didn`t know til now

Heidi Schanz :

You`re the one thing I can`t do without

Inger Ebeltoft :

In your arms the whole night through

Nicole Oliver :

I can`t help lose myself in you

Stephanie McMahon :

Repeat chorus

Alexandra Wentworth :

I know that heaven was listening

Rossy de Palma :

`Cause I was only existing

Lisa Barbuscia :

Til I saw forever in your eyes

Tiffany Mulheron :

And now we`ll be for all our lives

Judy Pace :

Repeat chorus

Pam And Tommy

Catrin Striebeck :

Is the group HIM the teeny-boppers "New kids on the block"

Sueanne Seamens :

Not realy but i do think they look realy gay

Rosalind Miles :

Do you know who H.I.M is? And who cares who likes it I love H.I.M and I'm 20.

Miwako Ichikawa :

I think Bam has to take some reponsibility for this outrageous mess of teeny boppers loving H.I.M!

Patricia Reed :

No, teenyboppers love Hawthorne Heights and Panic at the Disco and other Emo groups. Only the intelligent and sensitive folks with musical taste can listen to H.I.M. Sure, the lead singer, Ville, is pretty but he is not the only member of the band. Listen to him do a cover of "Wicked Game" or "Don't Fear the Reaper" and then tell me they are "New Kids on the Block." Pullllllleeeze!

Barra Grant :

I am 59 years old and my daughter sat me down to listen to them. They are talented musicians. I can understand them and respect what they are doing. Glad somebody out there is doing music now.

Juliet Anderson :

No. We've got all these people that are only into them for and because of Bam and Ville. I'm 13 and I'm a real fan. I didn't even know who Bam was when I got into them, nor did I know what any of them looked like until at least 2 weeks later. I love them and their music!

Free Credit Score

Marina Anna Eich :

Am i hot sticky sweet

Emmanuelle Beart :

If you have to ask, then no.

Ziggy Zanger :

Dumb question.

Denise Richards :

from your head to your feet?

Julie Strain :

i don't know

Teri Weigel :

from my head, to my feet yeah!

Daria Nicolodi :

Pour some sugar on me....Def Leppard

Mia Zifkin :

From your head right to your feet?

Fiorella Faltoyano :

Good song. Pour some sugar on yourself!

Gwenaelle Simon :


Sabrina Scharf :

Look at the mirror and answer it with ur self

Jennifer Welles :

Mary like a bomb.

Pia Hierzegger :

sitting on pastry in the sauna

Anna Mottram :

Pour some sugar on me! C'mon fire me up!

Laurence Lerel :

holy crap i cant contain myself from staring at your sexy ass

Moe Ishikawa :

Is that rice krispy square.

Maria Mc Erlane :

Of course!

Nadja Petri :

Ewwwwww! I hope not? Sounds uncomfortable at best!

Kim Onasch :

I am happy to tell u , NO , about sticky I don't know .

Angela Lilo Sandritter :

i don't know about today but last night you were .....i still dread the calories....smiles

Alejandra Marin :

I don't think so, but it is more about attitude. So, if you have to ask then no for sure.

Sophie von Kessel :

From your head, to your feet, yeah! That song is awesome to blare in the summer with the windows down and the t-tops out.....

Albane Laloy :

As for pouring sugar, save that for at home....

Mariangela Giordano :

that is a sticky question.

Lisbeth Hummel :

You don't look like any of the Def Leppard members I've seen!

Kelly Ripa :

Yes , you are .

Georgia Slowe :

good song! takes me back to my younger years! (god i am old)

Claudia Malkovich :

oh yeah! can I pour some sugar on you??? I promise I wont make toooo big of a mess...

Cathy Murphy :

Hot and sweet, definitely, I'm not to sure about the sticky part, but hopefully you are!!

Anna Schudt :

Pour Some Sugar On Me---Def Leppard

Mimi Miyagi :

just my two points plz ! nothing else

Sara Martins :

depends, can i lick you?

Strategic Planning Process

Tatiana Abracos :

wich way does the earth turn

Victoria Hamilton :

I forget

Amy Adams :

my right

Daniella Tobar :

Clockwise I suppose and that's why clocks go that way too, I dunno really.

Arroyn Lloyd :


Lila Baumann :

If you faced the north poll and weren't exactly on the north poll then the earth moves from your left to right. That's why time zones are they way they are. We pass 5:00 and then an hour later another time zone passes that same invisible spot and now they are at 5:00

Lisa Orgolini :

the opposite of the way it doesn't turn...

Gundula Koster :

East to west

Jane Russell :

Well using the time zones as a reference, the earth turns in what would be referred to as a counter clockwise direction.

Margot Mahler :

California is 3 hours behind New York, so California rotates towards New York. In the morning New York receives the sunlight first and then follows through the time zones to otehr citys.

Holly Hollingsworth :

From west to east. If you look down at the north pole from the top - counterclockwise.

Annelise Hesme :

If you are watching from top of North Pole, anti-clock wise. If you are watching from top of South Pole, clock wise. Where are you watching from?

Delphine Serina :

usually it turns to the right i.e. east to west

Jackie Stevens :

it also makes a difference on how much pot you took in lmao

Elizabeth Katz :

The earth spins anticlockwise on a clockwise rotation of the sun. I think.

Lavinia Wilson :

It is west to east

Kristin Kreuk :

The Earth is a sphere. Half of the Earth is illuminated by the sun at any given time. The earth spins (rotates) on its axis in a counter-clockwise direction once every 24 hours. This causes us to experience day and night because the half of the earth that is receiving sunlight is constantly changing. This also causes us to observe the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

Montse Guallar :


Bik Wing Chung :

i thought the world was flat?!

Alona Alegre :

From the North Pole, counterclockwise.

Bernadette Wilkes :

Depends on which of the Poles you are the artic it spins to your left..... at the antartic it spins to your right..

Kennia De Seinne :

AND As we normally relate to it...... to the left!

Laurie Senit :

Using the "right hand rule" in physics we describe the north pole as being the top.

Claudia Vega :

This is done for any spinning object by holding your right hand like a fist. The thumb points out and is the "top." The direction that your fingers curl/go is the direction of spin.

Alexandra Powers :

You'll notice "clockwise" and "ant-clockwise" can change depending from which side you look at the face.

Good Food Guide

Amanda Abbington :

Whats a track phone

Alejandra Marin :

pre paid

Luci Van Org :

It is a type of cell phone that you have to prepay for your time.

Tsugumi :

it's a pre paid rip off device. The time that you buy isn't even measured in real time it's units. Every 15 secs= 1unit.

Cathy Podewell :

As far as prepaids go, the only true value I know is from boost mobil. With them, a $30 card = 300 minutes. Plus w/ the bleep (walkie-talkie) feature at about $1.50 it's a great deal -Well atleast if everyone else in your calling circle also has a bleep number,too (even non Boost customers).

Brenda Strong :

Their basic phone runs about $50 and the smaller flip phone about $ 80.

Suzanna Leigh :

You can check out Boost's web site for more info on the phone.

Sheryl Lee :

They're available locally at Target and Walmart. ( at least in my area-Central NJ)

Sara Thurstan :

if you want to compare this to the Trac fone check out their site and compare for urself.

Clara Rainbow :

Tracfone is a prepaid phone company.Unlike other prepay companies they offer more minutes for a cheaper price.Tracfone kits and cards can be bought at: Wal-Mart,Target,K-Mart,and other retail stores.

Lily McLachlen :

Visit Tracfone at:

Jenna West :

Jude Kuring :

prepaid phone

Red Oak Texas

Miho Nomoto :

what song lyrics are stuck in your head(good ones bad ones}

Corinne Dacla :

The Kill Bill whistle song

Rosette :

The theme song from the wiggles, thanks to my two year old.

Daisy Rojas :

black eyed peas my hump

Rosanna Yanni :

Needled 24/7 by Children of Bodom

Kim Sun-Yong :

Oops I did it again, Britney Spears...

Andrea Allan :

I lied and told my children that was the song I performed on American Idol.

Vanity :

Mac the knife, even tho I don't know all the words!

Amanda Royle :

Right now I have Kelly Clarkson's song Because of You stuck in my head. It's the last song I heard on the radio when I was driving home. I usually like the song, but with it being on "repeat" in my head I'm getting tired of hearing it.

Angelica Chain :

Jeepers Creepers ......goes jeepers creepers where'd ya get those peepers , jeepers creepers where'd ya get those eyes , gosh all git up how'd ya get so lit up so on ......and on

Bianca Guaccero :

the lyrics to the metal band cradle of filth is stuck on my mine because it talks about witches, wolves, and about someone named elisabeth. the song ``my happy ending'' by avril lavigne is stuck on my friend's head.

Nina Hoss :

my chemical romance cemetery drive

Jean Seberg :

i love that song!

Gina Dick :

an old blues song by sunhouse a preacher and acomplished muscician "ai'nt no hevend now aint no burnin hell(repeat),where i'm goin when i die cant nobody tell" and the acompanying verses,the song grabs you when you hear it,heres a guy thats seen it all,telling it like it is,you dont get that kind of honesty in music anymore.anyway it's stuck there everytime i try to whistle i hear it.

Tanya Dempsey :

Yea, there are a couple.

Lucy Gutteridge :

Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain by Willie Nelson

Natacha Noel :

Honka-Tonk Ba-donk-a-donk (I probably spelled that one wrong) by Toby Keith I had to alter the title on this one a little where yahoo would let it through the real word is H---y.

Wendy Kaye :

Sometimes Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.

Nicole Jamet :

Right now, "It's Been Awhile" by Staind

Ana De Sade :

Don't Ya (Wish Your Boyfriend Was Hott Like Me...)

Heather Tindell :

Yeah, yeah, I changed one litle word--SHEEH!! so flog me, will already!! Just call me Mr. Lonely & go have yourself a gob of Chateau Lafitte...

Judith DAleazzo :

and i said hey, hey, i said hey, what goin' on?

Patrice Flora Praxo :

i don't know the title of the song. all i know is a woman sang it and it's more than a decade old. sorry.

Jessica Jordan :

boris the spider - the who

Masami Sanada :

Look, he's crawling up my wall

Filippa Franzen :

Black and hairy, very small

Maye Tongco :

Now he's up above my head

Sheila Sullivan :

Hanging by a little thread

Vanessa Shaw :

Boris the spider

Karen Elkin :

Boris the spider

Marlene Marlow :

Now he's dropped on to the floor

Anna Chancellor :

Heading for the bedroom door

Amy de Lucia :

Maybe he's as scared as me

Melinda Songer :

Where's he gone now, I can't see

Catherine Holman :

Boris the spider

Janet Taylor :

Boris the spider

Ana Capri :

Creepy, crawly

Annette Badland :

Creepy, crawly

Serra Ellison :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Magdalena Rentenberger :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Eva Dawn Nemeth :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Julie McNiven :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Mary Charlotte Wilcox :

There he is wrapped in a ball

Stacey Green :

Doesn't seem to move at all

Donnamarie Recco :

Perhaps he's dead, I'll just make sure

Ivana Novak :

Pick this book up off the floor

Elizabeth Barondes :

Boris the spider

Linda Sue Murphy :

Boris the spider

Muriel Combeau :

Creepy, crawly

Cynthia Nixon :

Creepy, crawly

Doria Valenzuela :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Hetty Baynes :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Leah Lail :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Corinne Dacla :

Creepy, creepy, crawly, crawly

Isabel Schosnig :

He's come to a sticky end

Julia Hummer :

Don't think he will ever mend

Haviland Morris :

Never more will he crawl 'round

Alexandra Vandernoot :

He's embedded in the ground

Marilina Ross :

Boris the spider

Hilde De Baerdemaeker :

Boris the spider

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Bijou Phillips :

Whose the best BAND EVER

Hye-yeong Jo :


Lou Gish :


Charo Lopez :

rush ,alice in chains

Rosangela Balbo :

rock..thin lizzy

Grace Park :

The Beatles.

Kimberly Taylor :


Marianne Denicourt :

Aside from Spinal Tap?

Colleen Morris :

I would go with Courtney Gears

Agnieszka Wagner :

duh... the beatles

Lauren Tom :


Amparo Rivelles :

GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Setsuko Karasuma :


Suzanne Cryer :


Janet Kidder :

Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Judas Priest. Death to Green Day!!!!

Lavinia Wilson :

Beatles are probably the most famous band, but the best for me is Van-Halen

Lisa Faulkner :

the beatles, for sure

Barbara McNair :

the Doors

Jill Rao :


Camilla Filippi :

Fleetwood my opinion.

Valerie Quennessen :

My Chemical Romance

Adrienne Larussa :


Maria Satsuki :

the beatles definitely.

Janet Margolin :


Anne Ramsay :


Andrea Del Rosario :

Maroon 5 (as far as new artists) and Def Leppard (as far as classics go). But that's only my opinion...

Judy Thompson :


Belinda Carroll :


Polly Niles :


Sherry Steiner :


Kim Wall :


Sarah Miles :

So So Many White White Tigers

Tuesday Knight :


Lauren Pope :

Metallica, Slipknot, Simple Plan, Mudvayne, Simple Plan

Alejandra Marin :

Most definatley Black Eyed Peas! That Band Rocks Out Loud!

Wing Lim Cho :

Lynard Skynard

Audrey Hamm :


Etsuko Shihomi :

No question -- U2. Rockin' since 78 or 79 and still going strong!

Anapola Mushkadiz :


Sarah Badel :

the eagles of course I think they are great.

Susanne Luning :

Are you talking about record sales, money made, longevity, popularity?

Clara Rainbow :

my choices

Sara Stephens :

1. beattles

Ann Gibbs :


Heather Gottlieb :


Simona Cavallari :

there are too many to actually choose one though

Jennifer MacDonald :

Zepplin...even though Pearl Jam is my fav

Sharolyn Sparrow :

1. The Beatles

Carmen Di Pietro :

2. Led Zeppelin

April Bowlby :

3. The Doors

Susana Gibb :

Green Day, 3 Doors Down and my favorite THE BACKSTREET BOYS

Audra Ricketts :

id have to say the beatles but second would have to be Pearl Jam for sure i cant get enough pj

Leslie Ann Phillips :

korn tool slipknot mudvayne msi marilyn manson doors hendrix pink floyd white zombie alice n chains nirvania misfits motley crue just name a few but theres many more i really think its the mood you are in at the time

Ai Mei Wong :


Viktoria Chapman :

The Beatles, but Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead are popular too

Cheryl Campbell :

are you kidding !! AC/DC

Lavinia Wilson :


Cynthia Myers :

the beatles

Barbara Crampton :

The Beatles and U2

Terri Treas :


Us Post Office

Corinne Wahl :

brief history of statictic

Jill Kelly :

Simple forms of statistics have been used since the beginning of civilization, when pictorial representations or other symbols were used to record numbers of people, animals, and inanimate objects on skins, slabs, sticks of wood, or the walls of caves. Before 3000 bc the Babylonians used small clay tablets to record tabulations of agricultural yields and of commodities bartered or sold. The Egyptians analysed the population and material wealth of their country before beginning to build the pyramids in the 31st century bc. The biblical books of Numbers and 1 Chronicles are, in small parts, statistical works, the former containing two separate censuses of the Israelites and the latter describing the material wealth of various Jewish tribes. Similar numerical records existed in China before 2000 bc. The ancient Greeks held censuses to be used as bases for taxation as early as 594 bc.

Missy Browning :

The Roman Empire was the first government to gather extensive data about the population, area, and wealth of the territories that it controlled. During the Middle Ages in Europe few comprehensive censuses were made. The Carolingian kings Pepin the Short and Charlemagne ordered surveys of ecclesiastical holdings: Pepin in 758 and Charlemagne in 762. Following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, William I, King of England, ordered a census to be taken; the information gathered in this census, conducted in 1086, was recorded in the Domesday Book. Registration of deaths and births was begun in England in the early 16th century, and in 1662 the first noteworthy statistical study of population, Observations on the London Bills of Mortality, was written. A similar study of mortality made in Breslau, Germany, in 1691, was used by the English astronomer Edmond Halley as a basis for the earliest mortality table. In the 19th century, with the application of the scientific method to all phenomena in the natural and social sciences, investigators recognized the need to reduce information to numerical values to avoid the ambiguity of verbal description.

Tracey Kelly :

At present, statistics is a reliable means of describing accurately the values of economic, political, social, psychological, biological, and physical data and serves as a tool to correlate and analyse such data. The work of the statistician is no longer confined to gathering and tabulating data, but is chiefly a process of interpreting the information. The development of the theory of probability increased the scope of statistical applications. Much data can be approximated accurately by certain probability distributions, and the results of probability distributions can be used in analysing statistical data. Probability can be used to test the reliability of statistical inferences and to indicate the kind and amount of data required for a particular problem.

Bre Blair :

It appears that the question period has expired. If you have received an answer that meets your needs, please choose a 'best answer.'

Giulia Siegel :


Child Tax Rebate

TJ Myers :

am i the only one or does anybody else like My Chemical Romance

Effie Schou :


Donatella Damiani :

at my chool

Natalie Sutherland :


Krista Stadler :


Nina Blackwood :


Paula Bacon :


Cecile Pallas :


Sandra Huller :


Tracy Turner :

how cool is that

Anne Coesens :


Toy :


Marie Vernalde :


Veronica Cartwright :

it sucks

Bianca Lawson :

I love them. Can't get enough of them!

Beth Robert :

yea, they are ok. I only like about two of there songs, but they are alright.

Samantha Ivers :

Yep, I love them too, but I haven't really listened to their cd in a while- I love the lead singer's eyes and how they're like red with makeup.

Afifi Alaouie :

No I dont I'm not into that kind of music

Christiane Kruger :

I love them...great band

Fleur Klijnsma :

i have not heard their music, but i know my tween niece loves them.

Katja Danowski :

Of course not. Im sure there's lots of fans of MCR out there and that including me. Love them crazy! My favourite song- Helena

Karina Aktouf :

they are great! i like them.

Corinne Touzet :

i love their music video as well.

Alexandra Sydow :

i love MCR!!!! they rock!! i heard they are puttin out another album!! i sure hope its true!!i reely like Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge!! they are a great band!!

Anne Carlisle :

if you like them, you shod also try green day, evanescence, acdc, and blink 182. also coool bands. ROCK ON!!!!

Annie Shizuka Inoh :


Leda Matsaggou :

I love them sooo soo much

Myriam Moraly :

My chemical romance rocks..\m/

Bik Wing Chung :

i think they r ok

Cathy Murphy :

but omg all the chicks at my school are addicted to them

Gudrun Landgrebe :

They're good!

Linda Evans :

I do like them and I also know 3 girls at my school that are crazy about them or just like them, but I really love all their songs and the dvd.

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Ines Nobili :

Is it gay to play putt putt golf with a friend and watch his but when he tees off -Eminem

Athena Demos :


Wendy Gazelle :

only if you are gay-duh

Leslie Taylor :

yeah kinda bro. dont answer any of my questions.

Stephanie Morgenstern :

If you listen closely to the background of the song during that part, Dr. Dre says "yes". Trust EVERYTHING Dr. Dre says....

Monika Kramlik :

... no! ... silly goose! ...

Peggy McIntaggart :

maybe, but it's also pretty funny. Does he really have to clench that hard? it's just putt putt, man...

Teresa Mak :

its not gay to play putt putt w/ your friend, but why are you watching his butt???? only you can answer that question.............

Deborah McGuire :

In football the quarter back yells out hut hut while he reaches in another grown mans ass gabs on his nuts but just what if it was never ment it was just an accident

Jennifer Elise Cox :


Ann Bell :

say bro that's nasty i really hope u don't do that if u do mann that's gay

Maureen Dor :

Yes... dude it is

Cynthia Stevenson :


Ami Dolenz :

but,but i aint dun yet in football a quarter back yells hut-hut grabs on his nuts but just what if it was never meant it was just an accident

Paula Garces :

but he tripped, fell slipped and his penis went in

Monica Vitti :

....eminem rain man

Wheel Chair Ramp

Angela Bassett :

Which "rock music festival" is the best

Amy Adams :

The Fuji Rock Festival

Isabelle Willer :

I went to the Beale Street Music Festival a few weeks ago and I had a blast, wouldn't really know about the rest. But the line up was great!

Corinne Debonniere :

depends who is playing really doesnt it?ive found that at some festivals you can be having the worst of times due to any number of reasons and then suddenly you see some band or other and they provide you with a show or a song that stays with you forever-im not really into him but i saw ray davies out of the kinks play a solo set and the way the crowd just helped him and lifted him made that the best memory ive ever had from a festival-i think the best festivals are also ones that you can get to see a lot of different acts with different styles because however much you may think you know or love your music-there will always be something new out there to inspire or disgust you!!its all in the eye of the beholder really and 2 guys sat next to each other watchin the same band may come away with totally different memories.

Lynsey Baxter :

i had a pretty decent time at the first lollapalooza...and i have some vague memories of the first US festival too.

Martine Flety :

(not on van halen day)

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