Sunday, August 13, 2006

Girls Masterbating In Diapers

Mike stopped her. "So where is the problem? You know I approve as long as you're happy."

'Aye, aye, Mam.'

Becky was naked. I mean naked. Even her stockings and shoes were gone. She acted like nothing was wrong as she bent over to kiss Mr. Williams goodbye which flashed her pussy at us. I could see the comb was in place. Mr. Gleason was watering his flowers again.

"Get up here on the couch, on all fours."

The Commander said, "Well introduce me to the ladies Kurt." "Yes sir, this is Major Caitlin, 1 st Lt. Fox, and Sergeant Ames of The U.S. Army."

"Yeah, I know. Hell of a way to spend Christmas Eve. But I didn't have anything better to do. So, how are you doing, Danny? Still hangin' in there?"

I spent about 20 minutes rubbing him as he lay on his stomach. He finally relaxed, so I had him roll over. I started at his feet, watching his cock to get a sense of his arousal level. He was doing fine, just semi-hard and breathing slowly. We were making real progress. It was time to escalate.

I couldn’t speak. She raised her mask, dropped her snorkel out of her mouth, the smile spread from ear to ear and whispered, “Now we’re even”.

She stopped just before she came and pushed his hand away. Teena grinned at him before leaning over and unzipping his jeans with her teeth. She gasped in surprise as his penis popped free finally and nearly hit her in the nose. She giggled and licked the head of Derek's dick until it glistened in the streetlights. Mewing like a contented kitten, she guzzled his entire penis into her mouth and he had trouble keeping control of the vehicle.

I finished doing up the buttons of my uniform as Mr Walker fumbled to get his dripping cock back into his trousers. I opened the door and stepped outside.

Victoria drew her knees back and spread them even wider. Her finger began to stroke up and down between the tight lips of her labia, and she gasped and involuntarily rolled her hips as the digit passed across her clitoris, gasping as she thrust first one, then two fingers deep within the tight, elastic folds of her sex.

Lois nodded. "Yes, Bobby, have to," she said. "Look, we...we made a...a mistake this summer. I...I could...get a lot of trouble if anyone found out what happened between us. I'm married...I could lose my job. If...if people found out I...I'd be ruined. What happened was a mistake, a terrible mistake."

Peg said "Well I didn't want to say anything but I thought you might break your arm getting your hand out of your lap when I came in." They both laughed and as it subsided they both looked at the controller. It was as if they knew that when the video started something was going to change between them. Ren picked up the controller and shrugging her shoulders, as if to say ok here we go, Pushed play.

"That feels sooo nice. You've learned a lot when it comes to pleasing a woman. Jamie you are getting me all turned on again. Come up here and let me kiss you. Let me taste what's in your mouth."

I was in masturbation heaven as I stroked myself to this beautiful show. My right hand stayed firmly on the upper shaft while I alternated my left hand between my balls and the lower part of my cock. Several times in the first few minutes of watching the video, I had to roughly squeeze myself to prevent cumming too early. I wanted to see how far this little dance party was going to go before I came.

Finally, her station arrived, and she practically ran from the car, but her legs felt like rubber as she made her way onto the platform, found her exit and began the walk the couple of blocks home. "Damn it." she thought, "Walking is almost as bad as the train."

Date: 7/1

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